Diffusion of Multiple Demand-Side Low Carbon Innovations in a 1.5C Energy Transition

To better understand how innovations being offered to energy users contribute to a low-carbon energy system transformation, Dr. Christina Hoicka is leading research on the identification and analysis of multiple low-carbon innovations in Ontario. This research is being carried out through the social exergy + energy lab at York University.

2021 Hoicka, C. E. (PI), Das, R. “Modeling the System Impact of Multiple Demand-Side Low-Carbon Innovations in a 1.5C Energy Transition”. Energy Modelling Initiative, $15,000.

2020 Hoicka, C. E. (PI), Das, R. “Diffusion of Multiple Demand-Side Low-Carbon Innovations in a 1.5C Energy Transition”. Economics and Environmental Policy Research Network (EEPRN), Smart Prosperity Institute, $10,000.

See our presentation at the International Sustainability Transitions conference 2020: